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Bob Wells

I apologize for this note being 6 plus weeks after our session with Shirley but I wanted some time to practice, play a few rounds and in general, assimilate (Jay, ask Shirley, she’ll know why I used the work assimilate and she’ll probably laugh at the word, I hope so) all the instruction and information Shirley provided to Amy and me.

If I had to use one word to describe the experience and value we received from the week with Shirley it would be AMAZING.

The accommodations? Excellent. The golf facility? Fantastic. Shirley? Priceless!!!

Frankly we could have played on a cow pasture and stayed in a tent and Shirley still would have made the experience amazing. It truly is a treat to spend time with someone that is beyond knowledgeable, truly loves what they do, great personality and fun to be around, and can share their knowledge in such a way that you are not intimidated to get out of your comfort zone by trying sometime different.

In my bio to you I mentioned I was looking for fine tuning of my game for better scoring – specifically long irons and wedges. Early on the second day, Shirley approached me with an option that she could provide some fine tuning but based on what she had observed and through watching video, she would recommend something slightly more than fine tuning… more like rebuilding my swing. Shirley completely made the decision my choice. Based on the limitations that I knew about my swing, Shirley’s advice and the video, it was an easy decision to rebuild a swing 35 years in the making. An easy decision but not so easy to implement so it’s a good thing Shirley is extremely patient… I left at the end of the week comfortable with the knowledge I knew what I needed to do improve my golf game. Fast forward a month; my rounds have been 86, 82, 84, 78, 75 and 82. As I’m becoming more comfortable with the new swing and not over thinking things, my ability to consistently hit much better golf shots is improving. I’ve no doubt I should be able to stay in the 70’s consistently. This level of improvement was exactly what I was hoping to get from my experience with Bird Golf. Thank you Shirley!

You may also recall that Amy is an occasional golfer that wanted to learn the fundamentals of the game. Because of Shirley, Amy is now more than an occasional golfer! I can easily imagine that this one week of golf instruction saved a decade of frustration with the typical learning curve of periodic lessons, playing, getting frustrated and them more periodic lessons from someone different than who you started with and who probably provides contradictory information which just adds to the confusion and frustration.

We thoroughly enjoyed the week!

Bob Wells
Riverton, CT

Golf School: Nevada