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Ashby Lilly

I just wanted to tell you what a phenomenal time I had with Greg in Hilton Head. I was just texting him today that I had one of the best range session since my time with him, and how everything he taught me is coming together in my swing. It is absolutely amazing the amount of instruction he gave me, and what struck me the most was that he more than matched my intensity and desire to improve, and that is saying a lot. Greg will tell you firsthand I can get pretty intense????. For someone in my shoes that is new to the game of golf, I feel more than fortunate to have experienced this time with Greg. I left the school with a brand new outlook on the game. The only bad thing about the trip for me was that it had to end. It seems like every other day I wish I was back laughing with Greg on that beautiful course. I’ve already told Greg that I am definitely returning for a two day refresher, hopefully sometime this upcoming summer. But until then, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!”

Best regards,

Ashby Lilly
Richmond, VA

Golf School: Hilton Head