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Alan and Barbara Hartstein

Dear Jay,

Just a brief note to express our positive experience we had with Mary Mills at our Boca-based golf school lat month. Mary was a delight, humorous, patient, very helpful and obviously experienced. Both Barbara and I immensely enjoyed the whole time, and it was a nice getaway for us as well. We will be raving about Mary and the Bird Golf Academy to our friends, some of whom we think may also contact Bird in the future.

Per Mary’s advice, we’ve been at the range more than on the course, and we are trying to groove our swings. As warned, it is not easy but we will be persistent. On the course, I finally broke 100 without a mulligan a week ago, and Barbara now has increased confidence with her new set of clubs, is “smashing” many shots with her new 5 and 6 rescue clubs and is putting much better. My short game is much improved, and I no longer tremble when I have to hit a wedge out of the sand or over a water obstacle.

Alan and Barbara Hartstein
Miami, Florida

Golf School: Florida