Jay and Shelley,

Where do I start! First of all I would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU” to you both for your kindness and professional courtesy to Kyle.

I found out that there are certain things that can effect this during our life, but I didn’t figure that taking my Son to a golf school could have the effect on him that it did.

After the first day with Shelley, he said that this was the best day on the golf course he could remember and that he would “never forget that time” for the rest of his life! WOW, what a statement from a 15 year old.

Kyle was so “Stoked up” for day two that he did not want to go to sleep and wanted to talk all night about his time with Shelley. Well when Kyle woke up he looked at me and said “Man am I sore”, I said well that what it feels like after a hard day with an LPGA player, and he just grinned from ear to ear.

So, I have learned more about being a Father! Every once in a while take your Son to Bird Golf School, and see what being a kid again is like! You will love it!

gain, I would like to give my highest complement to Shelley for the GREAT job she did with Kyle. I would recommend her to all of my friends.

Jerry Regelean
Arvada, Colorado

p.s. Kyle went to the range after school today!!

Golf School: Arizona


“On a scale of 1-10, the 3 days were a 12 …”

Gary Coburn

Golf School: Arizona


“I would like to thank Jim for his incredible instruction. If I had started golf with him, maybe I would be a pro by now!! Jim is an excellent teacher and the best type for me- a “feel” man. He gives the student a feel for what the correct swing is. Thanks again”

Neelesh Uppal

Golf School: Arizona


Our scores are improving and we believe a lot is due to Mary’s instructions. It was an excellent experience and we continue to sing the praises of your golf school…..we are playing and enjoying the game more than ever!”

Ron & Melinda Thomsen
Alexandria, VA

Golf School: Florida


After a very long back trip to Poland I had another couple days business trip. Two weeks in the Bird Golf Academy it was my good time both for my golf knowledge and my rest. It was my pleasure to meet you personally. Craig is an excellent coach and a very interesting companion. His style of coaching is very productive and attractive. I better understand why golf is truly a wonderful game and why never is too late to start. I am waiting for 2008 springtime in Poland for checking my progress in this game. Thank you very much for your offer to access to Carey Mumford and “long distance” help. It will be great for me to be together with you on November 13-17 in the Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa. I will keep this date in my 2008 calendar.

Best regards,
Zdzislaw Chabowski

Golf School: Arizona


Matt Willie who came to a school with Jay Ewing at West Woods in May shows his “new swing”. Notice his perfect posture in pic 1, a takeaway exactly on plane in picture 2 and his position at the top of his swing, with the clubhead pointed directly at the target line. Matt who hopes to make the University of Wyoming golf team this year as a freshman, made all these changes in a 5 day school with Jay. He is on track to become a very fine player.



Golf School: Colorado

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