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Pauline Lockard

Pauline Lockard has had a pretty amazing few weeks this summer.

We first met Pauline 5 years ago and she had a handicap well in the 30’s and had never broken 100. Pauline, who is taught by our amazing East Coast Head Professional, Tim Peightal, has worked really hard on her game in the ensuing years.

In the last month, Pauline has realized two terrific milestones. On June 28th playing her home course at Stoneleigh Golf Club in Round Hill, VA, Pauline broke 90 for the first time shooting an 89.

Over the weekend, Pauline won the Women’s Senior Club Championship at Stoneleigh. Pauline shot a 97 that included 3 triple bogies. Pauline overcame the adversity of those triples (not easy to do in a big tournament) to capture her first Club Championship. Pauline’s handicap is down to a 24 but it will be coming even further down now.

Congratulations, Pauline!