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Michele Gagnon

The account below comes to us from Michele Gagnon who just spent 5 days with our incredible East Coast Director of Instruction; Mary Mills. Michele Gagnon. Michele had played golf for 10 years and her lowest score ever had been a 93. As you will read, she accomplished a great deal in her time with Mary. Here is what Michele had to say:

I am passionate about golf and have a strong desire to perform, but had a lot of problems with my swing. I learned 2 new words with Mary: “chicken wings” (which illustrate my OLD swing) and pronation which is becoming my new swing. Throughout the 5 days, Mary was patient, nice to be with and always found positive things to say, even when I was struggling. Mary worked really hard to find innovative ways to correct mistakes that I had ingrained for 10 years, and to change them in 5 days. I really enjoyed the format: 3 hours in the morning and then practice all the great learning on the golf course in the afternoon. Another revelation for me was the time Mary spent to take pictures and videos of my swing and then look at those shots to explain what needs to be changed. So beneficial for me! My technique has improved significantly! Thanks to Mary I know now what to do on the driving range, as Mary taught me drills to specifically address my challenges. That 5 day course improved my knowledge, skills and confidence in playing golf. What else can you ask for?

My best game ever, was 93 before the Bird Academy. On the day after my last school day, I shoot a 92, with a 10 and a 9 (2 very bad holes). My drives have improved significantly, (averaging before, 150 yards) but now, frequently I had drives of 180 to 200 yards, in the past 2 days. Again, this is amazing and I can’t wait to start the season!

I want also to say special thanks to Jay Ewing who was especially nice and helpful and SO customer oriented. Was very patient to answer my question and made sure that my last minute request were answered promptly. He really wanted to make this experience a great one! And it was a superb experience!

HIGH 5 MARY!!! (Mary always gave me a high 5 when I had good shots). Mary: thanks for a very productive week! I had GREAT fun and learned so much!!!

Michele Gagnon
Quebec, Canada

Great job, Michele! Mary is certain that this is only the beginning for you and that you are going to become a very fine player!