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Swinging Through Life: The Harmony of Existence and Golf

The following account comes from Jeff Boucher, who came to a school at Wild Horse Pass in 2008, with Jim Samsing. Jeff is an avid golfer, who plays the game, for all the right reasons. In working with one of our founding professionals, Jim Samsing, Jeff had to change some flaws in his swing, that were not easy to immediately change.

During the last 12 months, Jeff has been diligent in his application of the changes that he made with Jim. He has been in constant contact with Jim (who, Jeff now refers to as “Sensei Samsing”!) and has trusted in the process, that is change and evolution. As you will read below he is now reaping the rewards of all his hard work.

Jeff is also a cancer survivor who has undergone a series of chemotherapy and related procedures. Although his cancer had been in remission, Jeff has battled a recurrence during these last 12 months. Even after having injections in the morning, Jeff would make his way to the driving range, that afternoon. Never once, has Jeff, complained about his burden. Jeff treats each waking hour as an opportunity. His love of Life and Golf, is an inspiration. We are so proud of Jeff and are so much the better, for being allowed, to be a part of his journey.

Jeff reached a great golfing milestone, on Tuesday of this week. He broke 80 for the first time. In Jeff’s words, here is how it happened.

“Hi Jay and Sensei Samsing- Things just clicked yesterday. I was skipping out of work for one of the first sunny afternoons in a long time. All the usual suspects including myself met up at Jefferson (Freddie Couple’s home course growing up) to squeeze in 18 before dark.

The front 9 went reasonably well with only a few bumps on the way to the turn with a 41. Waiting for the 10th. tee box, I was going thru a few drills “a’la Samsing” when I remembered incorporating a small back knee move in my downswing. Starting with a birdie, I ended up shooting a 36 on the back to break 80 for the first time. I don’t think I missed a putt inside of 10 feet.

Next goal: Break 75 and get to a single digit handicap.

Thanks again guys!”

Jeff, we salute you.