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KPMG Corporate Golf Clinic

KPMG and Bird Golf Academy team up at Whirlwind Golf Club at Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa.

On Friday May 14th Bird Golf Founder and Director of Instruction, Jay Ewing led the way for an exciting afternoon at Whirlwind. Accompanying Jay was Bird Golf Academy‘s National Head Professional and LPGA Teacher of the Year, Sharon Miller and 38 year PGA Veteran and Bird Golf Academy’s West Coast Director of Instruction, Jim Samsing. Attendees from all over the world were able to have personal instruction on technique and form.

Clinic Participants (from left to right) Angela Lau, Louis Thomas, Thomas Linder, Jorge Victor Lopez, Elizabeth Vesey, Tony Swiderski,Jay Ewing, Sharon Miller and Jim Samsing. / Tony Swiderski and Jay Ewing.
Jim Samsing with Angela Lau and Louis Thomas. Here Jim imparts his philosophy of keeping the swing as simple as possible.
Thomas Linder and Jorge Lopez with Jay Ewing. Jay states that ninety percent of the golf swing is based on three fundamentals: grip, stance and posture.
Elizabeth Vesey and Tony Swiderski with Sharon Miller. Also pictured is Tony Castellanos. Sharon teaches students to strategically think their way around the golf course.
Tony Castellanos
Tony Castellanos in full swing.
Elizabeth Vesey practicing new methodology.
Tony Swiderski from Canada.
David Nickson from England and Jim Samsing (Angela Lau and Louis Thomas on right).
David Nickson, Louis Thomas, and Angela Lau.
Angela Lau. / Louis Thomas from Luxemburg.
Angela and Louis in action.
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