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Kathryn L. Harris

We recently had the privilege of doing a school at our flagship site, Wild Horse Pass Resort, with Kathryn Harris. As you will read, Kathryn had struggled a little with golf, but that has now changed. Kathryn was taught one of by our incomparable teachers, Shirley Furlong. Bird Golf was one of the things on Kathryn’s “Bucket List”. What a gift Kathryn has given us.

“I would like to take this time to say; Thank You. As you might remember I told you about my Bucket List. Without coming to The Bird Golf Academy I would not be able to complete other tasks on my list. On my list are different travel spots and now I will have the confidence to go out and play courses without any hesitation.

I also must tell you about another item on my Bucket List are to take riding lessons and thanks to Shirley she pointed out the equestrian center near the course. So in the next few weeks I will be taking riding lessons. So again, I thank you.

I have taken other golf lessons (at least I thought I did) but after coming to The Bird Golf Academy, I think I had just been giving away money to somebody. The DVD that Shirley made for me is such a cool tool to be able to review the things I was taught. Being able to review them means so much to me especially being a craftsman with a little bit of an analyzer. I need to see and then execute.

Thank you. Thank you. I could never say this enough. You guys are fantastic and Jay just as you said, “I would love Shirley” she is FANTASTIC as an instructor and as a human being. Shirley’s personality, patience and knowledge leave me without enough words I can truly say about the experience I had: but WOW! My Bucket List helpers are great.

Again I say thank you for everything.

Kathryn L. Harris
Casa Grande, Arizona