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Jon McMahon

This wonderful news comes to us from Jon McMahon, who we first met three years ago. Jon, at that time was 20 handicap who was passionate about the game. Jon has remained just as passionate except now he is becoming a very good player. Jon was one of the winning team members at the 2007 Invitational, but on June 24 2008, he found himself in some unchartered waters (he will be getting a lot more used to being there now!).

Playing at the Ash Brook Golf Course in New Jersey with his regular group, magic happened. Jon was one under for the first 9, and finished with a one over par, 73. Jon’s friends commented on “how easy it looked”, which is kind of like when people watch Tour players and make that same remark. The harder you work at something and the better you get at it; the more effortless it looks. Jon has worked very hard on his golf game (his current handicap of 9 is surely coming down, again) and his success is so very much deserved.

Jon’s teacher, Tim Peightal, is certain that Jon is going to become a very fine player, and that this is just the start, of something, special.

Great job, Jon!