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It’s not …..

Whether you win or lose; but how you play the game.

One of my golf heroes, showed his mortality, yesterday. Tom Watson had the US Senior Open in his grasp until the 11th. hole at Whistling Straights, where he made a double bogey-7, and then folded like a house of cards. It was hard to watch. Watson has gone on record as saying that he really wanted to win this event (we can, all, want something, too much sometimes) and it (the USGA Championship) was what he coveted, above all else.

Tom Watson has won 8 Major Championships during his brilliant career. He does not “choke”, but he is a human being, and just like the rest of us, is prone to moments when things go wrong. It’s just that when things unravel for him, he is in front of 30,000 spectators and millions of TV viewers.

I will remember the 43 he shot on the back 9; but what will be indelibly etched in my mind, is what a wonderful gentleman, Tom Watson is. He spoke to reporters afterwards, in his honest and thoughtful way. He tried on each and every shot (even after it had become a foregone conclusion) and he gracefully acknowledged the crowd after making a double bogey on the last hole. Tom Watson showed us that even in defeat, you can be dignified. That tomorrow, the sun will come up; and that “no matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you played the game, that matters”.