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How to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course

Golf has been an American fan-favorite sport for dozens of decades, and it’s one that can be enjoyed for most of the year. Though the peak season for golfers is in the Spring, many enjoy extending their play months into the summer, despite the heat. If you’re hoping to survive the summer out on the green, you need these 6 tips for how to stay cool and safe during hot, summer golfing.

Stay Hydrated

The threat of dehydration is real when you’re out for hours in the sun in the middle of the summer. Golf, while not a strenuous activity, is definitely considered exercise, and you’re likely going to be sweating and losing a lot of liquids. Keep a spare water bottle on hand and take drinks often. You want to avoid cold water; it will trick your body into feeling hotter than you really are. Room temperature water helps keep you adjusted to the heat.

Bring Shade

It’s no little known fact that a golf course isn’t going to be the spot to find trees and overhead shade. Out on the green, you are fully exposed to the heat, the sunny rays, and anything else a hot summer month has to throw at you. Getting a break from the constant sun will be up to you. Hats, sun umbrellas, and sunglasses are great for summer golfing, and you’ll stay cool while also protecting your eyes and skin from damage.

Eat A Hearty Breakfast

With little time to eat when you’re out on the green, ensuring you fill up with food before heading out is very important. Since some golfers like to go out early before the high noon sun gets too hot, it’s easy to be tempted to skip breakfast. Eating even just a little bit of food is better than nothing, so grab some granola or crack an egg before T-time.

Join A Golf Club 

If you’re an avid golfer, you need to have a membership to a club. Many of these places will offer exclusive tents, lodging, and amenities for golfers. Some places even give classes, like the Tennessee Golf School at Bear Trace – The Bird Golf Academy. Fill up with complimentary meals, tips and guidance, and a lot more with the Bird Golf Academy or one of the hundreds of other schools and clubs available to golf fans.

Pack A Bag

Any professional golfer would tell you that a successful day out on the course is only achieved by bringing the supplies you’ll need. Grab a small duffle bag and stock up with light snacks like protein bars, extra water bottles, a sweat towel, and other useful items that could make your summer golf experience all the better. Miniature hand fans are a great touch, and your buddies will appreciate the nourishment when the day gets almost too hot to handle!

Take A Break

There is no harm in taking a few minutes to recover from the sun every so often during a round in the summer. Your health and well-being is important, so kick back for a spell and hydrate.