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Golf Gloves – The Pros and Cons

The game of golf has many different accessories included in the sport. From various clubs, caddies, carts, fashion styles, and even golf shoes, golfers have a lot of aesthetic decisions to make. It’s not all for the appearance and style, though. Many of these accessories offer great benefit to a golfer. Other times, these gadgets and fancy decorations only slow us down and make us spend money unnecessarily. One of the biggest controversies in golfer fashion is golf gloves.

Are they necessary for your game? Do golf gloves offer any real assistance, or do they just look visually pleasing? The answer varies, depending on who you ask. Here are some pros and cons to help you make a decision on your own about them!

Golf Gloves – The Pros

For those who speak highly about golf gloves, here are the biggest reasons they’ve become a must-have in their sports bag!


As potentially the biggest benefit these gloves offer a golfer, many pros enjoy gloves for the protection it gives their hands. Sun, wind, sand, cold or hot days, and other environmental factors become less problematic when you have golf gloves on your hands. For students at the Florida Golf School, these are particularly handy!

Improved Grip

The other leading reason why golf gloves have become a popular accessory that many won’t even dream of hitting the green without is their improved grip. Specific gloves will offer ridges and textured spots on the palms and fingers to better hold, and maintain that hold, on clubs and golf balls during the same.

Plenty of Styles

With as much variety as these glove styles have, many people like golf gloves just for the sake of enjoying a new style or accessory in their classic golfing get-up. Part of the appeal of the sport is the social aspect, and many players enjoy dressing the part, too.

Golf Gloves – The Cons

Of course, there are some downsides, too. Before rushing out to buy your own lovely pair, consider these factors first.

Additional Cost

Golf has the potential to become an expensive sport. Between full sets of clubs, the collection of golf balls that always need replaced, memberships and courses, and even more; you’re paying a lot already. Many people don’t see the need for any additional expenses, especially if you’re golfing on a budget or see a better use of your funds. Attending a golf school may be a better way to invest in your game over a pair of golf gloves.

Needs Replaced

Grass stains, tears, rips, and general wear & tear on your gloves is more than common. These accessories do need replaced often. Golfers who really enjoy the enhanced benefits of golf gloves typically bring several pairs with them to a golf resort or course, and go through them fairly quickly, depending on the amount of time they spend golfing on average. This is annoying enough of a condition that many golfers overlook gloves as useful, since there is a lot of replacing being done when it comes to these tools.