Fantastic Four

May 18, 2007 -

You have an opportunity to play with any other three people; living or deceased. Who would your “dream foursome” be?

To get things started, your writer would put forth:

King Arthur
Mahatmar Ghandi
Walter Hagen

8 thoughts on “Fantastic Four

  1. Karl Spackler says:

    Payne Stewart
    Bill Murray
    Tom Brady

  2. shivasirons says:

    Old Tom Morris
    Mary, Queen of Scots
    Tiger Woods

  3. golfguru says:

    Jimmy A. Thompson
    Ben Hogan
    Any of my grandkids

  4. Jay says:

    I would have to include my favorite two “pigeons”;

    and the Swing Doctor

    ’cause that is “found money”

    and of course, my partner: Grandpa

  5. MOJO says:

    Jay Ewing

    Jay Ewing

    And… Jay Ewing

    that way I get to triple my money!!

  6. rather be golfing says:

    Please pass on to MOJ that Jay is my instructor, and a fine one at that. I have played quite a few rounds with Jay and haven’t taken any money yet. In fact in a competition between Jay and I, against my two sons and their instructor, we lost!. The bet involved whether I or my sons would be picking up the dog mess that accumulates in the yard after the winter snow melts. If MOJO could please let me know the secret to winning with Jay let me know. Otherwise, please no picking on my fine instructor.

  7. Jay says:

    Hi RatherbeGolfing!…and thank you; actually the secret to winning is simple; have a good partner!

  8. 1 Putt Dan says:

    Tiger Woods

    and any two Coors Light caddies

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