Think Like a Pro

Learn to Think Like a Pro

Through his teaching philosophy. you learn how to "mentally' improve your golf game and thought process. After mastering your keys to physical improvement, our instructors will introduce you to the "32 ball exercise". This exercise will bridge the gap between conscious and sub conscious, where all habit resides. You have arrived at the core of the games learning (swing) and you will see the results in your playing immediately. Learn to swing the dub on automatic - and never think again'


Carey seen here working with PGA four player Jerry Smith, up and coming star Chris Kamm and Jennifer Kaye (wife of PGA star Jonathan). at our flagship golf school site in Arizona. Our golf school's attention to the mental game (we were the first golf school in the world to address and dewDte time to this integral part of the game) is just one mason that the Bird Golf Academy is the "ultimate golf learning experienceill•

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