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Debbie McCray

Debbie McCrea recorded her 1st lifetime ace on Sunday while playing with Paul Buckingham, Sandy Shannon and Brian Otterbein in the annual Odd Couples Tournament at Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club. Debbie used a 5 hybrid club on the 126 yard, 14th hole. CONGRATULATIONS, Debbie!

Debbie and her husband John have been to three schools with the remarkable, Shirley Furlong. Debbie was new to golf when we first met her and she was not sure that this would be the game for her… fast forward a couple of years and Debbie would tell you, that she loves this grand adventure. All that hard work that Debbie has put into her game is paying off! Not only did Debbie make the rarest shot in golf, but she did it in a tournament. Great stuff, Debbie!