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Chris Black

Hi Jay, I received your note today. Thank you!

We had a great time at the golf school and Wildhorse Pass; it exceeded my expectations significantly. Jim is a remarkable teacher and his patience and knowledge are phenomenal.

I know he was a little disappointed that I was not quite getting it together on the golf course; well on the last couple of holes we played together it started happening. After Jim left, I stayed out until dark and just let it happen; I had simple swing images (no clear key yet) in my head and I truly just did the best swing I could for each shot. Suddenly hitting fairways and greens was routine; the consistency of the practice tee was coming out.

Over the next 4 days we played Cattail, Devil’s Claw and The Duke and I went 74, 80, 75. The thing that is remarkable for me is that these were OK (Cattail), terrible (The Duke) and great (Devil’s Claw) ball striking days; my differences between good and bad scoring is becoming my proficiency at chipping and putting, my misses are becoming much better. My fairways hit average was 72% and my GIR were (8/18); (4/18) and (13/18).

Please pass this on to Jim and thank him. I also would like the list of ‘misses-to-faults’ to fine tune my practice and continue on my progression.

Interestingly, I went out and practiced today … the 7-iron photo below was the result of a group of warm up swings on clear-key; they were all pretty much clubface center, 175 yards and within 5 yards of target …. hmmm maybe there is something in this clear-key stuff after all.

Best regards,


Jim and myself (wearing a Bird Golf hat)

1st practice session back in Seattle(using clear key)

Devil’s Claw – 75 (+3)

The Duke (+8)

Cattail – 74 (+2)