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What we need are some characters! In this day and age of “political correctness”, we need more rah and less blah. No, I am not advocating that we need to have showgirls in bikinis, holding scoreboards, nor am I saying that golf tournaments should turn into soccer matches; but a little color would go a long way.

Golf has always embraced those that march to the tune of their own drummer. Walter Hagen, in the 20’s and 30’s was the consummate showman. The “Haig” would party all night and show up at the course in the morning in a Rolls Royce, in his dinner clothes. Legend has it that after a 2 day binge, he was scheduled to make a playing appearance at an Irish Club. Hagen showed up just before he was scheduled and went to the range to loosen up. The first five shots that he hit were shanks. He called his caddy back in, and then went out and shot 65.

Tommy Bolt’s; aka “Thunder Bolt”, temper was legendary. Playing the 18th hole in a tournament he teed off and had about 120 yards left for his second shot. After sizing things up, he asked his caddy what he should hit. The caddy told him it was a four iron. “a four iron” stormed Bolt? (his four iron would be the club he would use from about 200 yards). “Yes”, replied his caddy, “It’s either your 4 iron, your putter or your driver, ‘cause they are the only clubs that you haven’t broken today!”.

The question I ask YOU, is: “Who, amongst today’s players, has the potential to be a character?”.