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Call me Old Fashioned

Arnold Palmer said 5 years ago, that money could ruin the game. At the time, I didn’t think that the “King’ was accurate with that quote. It may be that he was spot on.

One of the endearing and special attributes of this great game, is that it demands “old fashioned values”. Manners, if you will. You shake hands with your opponent after a fiercely fought match. You compliment your opponent when they do well. You are you own judge and jury. Doing the right thing is not an exception but rather it is the rule.

At Jack Nicklaus’s press conference at Muirfield (where the PGA Tour is this week for his tournament, “The Memorial’), he said that he was lucky to receive one or two, hand written, thank you notes after his event. Nicklaus went on to say that he would write a thank you note to EACH tournament sponsor/host of EVERY event that he played in. The person that taught him to do this was none other than his great rival, Mr. Palmer.

A hand written card, which would take all of about 5 minutes to write, says so much. In roughly the same amount of time it would take to e-mail or text the same message, the fact that a person took the time to write something by hand, speaks far more loudly and sincerely.

Here’s hoping that the Tour players are paying attention.