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Bert Shackleton

I wanted to give you an update on my progress after my visit with you in January. I have been remiss in reporting to you because I wanted to actually see how my real game has been affected once I started playing again regularly here in Canada.

Yes, after our sessions, I did have an opportunity to play golf in Florida and practice within the “domes” here in Canada, but I only was able to practice and play intermittently. I was impressed by my change in play and, during the opportunities when I golfed in Florida, I noticed a positive change, however, I really needed the time to work with the new swing here in Canada.

My regular golf buddies are in awe and are wondering which “golf God” either visited me or shone a new light on my golf clubs. I have told them nothing other than I was visited by my “Golf God of the Future” and they better beware! Not only am I consistently hitting the ball further and straighter, but also, more importantly, my degree of confidence has soared when I stand over the ball, knowing what I need to do. I have shaved 5-6 strokes off my regular score. This may seem insignificant to you, but for a person who has been stuck in the mid-90’s for a few years, this is HUGE! And I am only just getting started. Will I need more coaching and work – most definitely. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and patience while working with me.

You figured out how to handle me, knowing my personality traits, and applied that knowledge, turning it into productive learning sessions. You were able to keep my attention focused on what I needed to do.

The one thing that I passed on to my wife, Patti, which has helped her putting game, is the shiny ball mark. She thanks you too!

Again I say thank you for everything.

Your Canadian friend,

Bert Shackleton
St. George, ON

Bert is taught by our East Coast Head professional, Tim Peightal. Bert came to our golf school 3 months ago and even though weather hasn’t allowed him to play as much as he would like to, his improvement has been dramatic. We imagine that this is only the beginning for Bert and he will soon be doing even greater things. Keep up the fantastic work, Bert!