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Bad Days on the Green: What to Do When You’re Off Your Game

On a good day, you feel unstoppable with your club in hand. On a bad day? A lot of fun to be had while golfing can be sucked right out of you, and the discouragement of an off day can affect your games later. How can you beat the bad day golfing blues? Here are the top 5 ways to fix your issues and keep up a great vibe even during a day where nothing goes your way.

5 Tips For Those Bad Golf Days To Get Your Game Back On

The most important part of a bad golf day is getting back on the horse… or in this case, the green! You can’t let yourself be overpowered by frustration and disappointment, so focus on these 5 helpful physical and mental tips for beating the bad days and getting back to the joy golf brings it’s many avid fans.

Focus On Your Swing Tempo

Music has the magical ability to improve just about anything, including moods or your golf swing. A lot of what golf is revolves around muscle memory and physical feelings. You know how your swing should feel in order for the ball to go where you want it to go… so find the tempo and rhythm that works best for that goal. Music is also a natural stress reliever.

Lower Your Expectations

So, you went out on the green feeling great and expecting a stunning score, right? Well, not every day will be your best day, and you can’t be a golf star for every game. Having more fun even during a worse than average game can be achieved by doing something as simple as adjusting your attitude and lowering your personal expectations of your performance.

Listen To Your Breathing

When you get stressed, your body stiffens, and you work yourself harder than when you’re happy and relaxed. A difference in breathing can throw off your balance or swing, so make sure you are loose and calm when you step up to the tee. Quick stress relieving breathing exercises can change your luck pretty quick.

Look For Positive Aspects

Don’t spend the whole time out on the green miserable! A level of disappointment is expected during and after a bad game, but it shouldn’t ruin the day. Focus on conversation, the fresh air, and take the off-day as a chance to learn and grow as a golfer. A lot of pro golfers have to do special mental routines before each turn in order to stay in a positive, effective headspace that won’t affect their game for the worse.

Take A Golf Course

Everyone could do with a little more help and training on the green, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten your game on. If you notice a lack of improvement or struggle to keep up with what you used to score, enrolling in a California Golf School course could change your swing and game entirely.