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7 Reasons Bird Golf School is the Best in the World

walkofhonorWhether you’ve only just begun to try your hand at the game of golf or whether you’ve been playing for years, there is no doubt that the right golf school could help you to expand your skills and start impressing your peers on the course. If you’re looking to improve your game you shouldn’t trust just anyone with your money. Although we could’ve named more than a hundred, below we’ve compiled just seven reasons why Bird Golf Academy is the world’s best golf school.

1. Personalized Coaching

We are firm opponents of group instruction. Our teacher to student ratio never exceeds 1:2. We don’t believe that our students should have to compete for their coaches’ attention. In fact, our students have their instructor’s undivided attention for six to eight hours a day. Many golf students are lucky to receive that kind of one-on-one time after months of lessons. No two golfers are alike. Each golfer has different body types, movement dynamics, and states of mind. By getting to know their specific needs and goals, our coaches are better suited to provide tailored instruction and practice plans that will personally benefit each player.

We even go a step further by determining each student’s learning style in order to ensure the highest chances of retaining what they are taught. Our students complete a personality profile to help our instructors know the best way that student learns, whether it be visually, kinetically, or verbally, etc.

2. The Instructors

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a line-up of high-caliber instructors like ours at any other golf school. Our National Head Professional is Sharon Miller, the LPGA’s National Teacher of the Year in 1989. East Coast Director of Instruction Mary Mills is the 1963 U.S. Open champion and winner of the 1964 & 1973 LPGA Championships, among her 9 LPGA Tour victories. Jim Samsing, our West Coast Director of Instruction, has been a PGA Professional for 30 years and the foremost master of Clear Key (systematic thought process).

Each and every instructor has been hand-picked from around the world. They come from a successful professional golf background and now hold extensive teaching credentials. With their experience they are able to both diagnose every student’s needs and coach accordingly while relating to the challenges of competitive playing.

3. Comprehensive Packaging

At Bird Golf Academy, we believe students should receive an all-encompassing learning experience where they can not only learn but also enjoy the experience. Along with the finest instruction available, we also offer the best packaging. We offer several three- four- and five-day packages with six to eight hours of instruction each day. Each of our packages include unlimited practice and play at the host course, video and digital analysis, daily on course playing lessons, mental game instruction, course management instruction, daily lunch and unlimited coaching follow-up after the school completion. Bird Golf Academy students are also able to concentrate in seclusion with their own private practice facilities. Leading accommodations and golf courses complete our “ultimate golf learning experience®.”

4. Mental Coaching

Golf is a mentally demanding game and requires a certain mental technique in order to master the game. At Bird Golf Academy we teach our students how to alter their mental approach to think like the pros. Under the direction of Carey Mumford, author of The Double Connexion and legendary Clear Key, we coach a mental program that allows for thinking clearly on the golf course. Carey has been a featured speaker at PGA seminars and training programs for 15 years. He has worked with over 200 playing professionals and mentored many of today’s foremost sport psychologists. He trains each of our instructors, and then makes himself available to each student after the end of their schooling.

5. Unmatched Customer Service

Every student and potential student at Bird Golf Academy is made to feel recognized and valued from the day they come to our school until long after their schooling is completed. Unlike other schools where students are just a number and quickly forgotten after walking out the door, we keep in regular contact with our students to coach them remotely and keep abreast of their progress.

Prior to attending golf school, we ensure that each Bird Golf Academy attendee has had all of their questions answered and that we are aware of each student’s expectations, goals, and objectives. After schooling is completed, we work to ensure that each student is happy with the results and that we have enough information on hand to continue helping them remotely. Our instructors follow-up with all students regularly to check-in on their progress and offer remote assistance. We love to hear from students who call in to report their accomplishments or to chat about their progress. It is the intention of Bird Golf Academy to always provide this quality of individual time and care for each student.

6. Playing Lessons

Too often we are taught something only to realize that when it comes time to implement that learning, it has been completely lost. Our instructors play with students on the course each day in order to help them apply and retain what they are being taught. Playing lessons allow our instructors to observe their students in action and to teach course management. During a playing lesson our instructors can demonstrate how intangibles like lie, wind, pin placement, and course condition affect each shot.

7. Quality Sites and Golf Courses

Bird Golf Academy sites are amongst the world’s finest. Our roster of award-winning, world-class golf courses paired with luxurious hotels and amazing destinations begins with our West Coast flagship golf school at Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. A first-class golf resort, Wild Horse Pass offers 36 holes of Championship golf, luxury accommodations, state of the art Spa facilities, fabulous dining options, an Equestrian center and breathtaking vistas. The list goes on to include nationally recognized golf courses and resorts in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas, Sedona, Denver, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, and New Jersey, in addition to a number of other destinations throughout the United States. And the number of prestigious and optimally-located sites continues to grow.

Although we could list many more reasons and go into much further detail about why Bird Golf Academy should be a golf students first choice for golf instruction, we will stop there. If you have any questions about the academy or are interested in speaking with someone to find out more information, call 877 4-BIRDGO.