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Warren Dyer

This is an e-mail that we received from, Warren Dyer. CONGRATULATIONS, Warren! “As you know, I have just completed another school with Jim and Bird Golf. As you and Jim are well aware, I am not much for practicing with the exception to the week I spend with Jim which is enough to hold me over through the short golf season in Alberta. I have just reached ANOTHER milestone; my first round under 80! I shot a 78 on par 72 course measuring 6400 yards. In building my “model”, Jim has stuck to the plan of working on one skill at a time and this year’s focus was on starting down with the hips and releasing the club. The reason this needs to be mentioned is because when I actually get these two skills right I can hit the ball a ton (metric). The golf course I played is called the Nursery and is a very gimmicky course with a lot of doglegs left and right. With my new found talent to actually get some trajectory on my drives I was able to take a short cut over the trees leaving me a wedge into most greens and even chipping on a couple. The second revelation is my understanding of the Double Connexion, that I am a “Driver” and I play my best when I am scrambling. Without this eye opener, I would not have been as aggressive and perhaps would have shot in the mid 80’s, driving home thinking…..”if only”!!!!

One thing is for sure, to Jim and yourself I owe, my short game (saves me; so many times) which is a necessity with my aggressive play. Combined with the “mental strength”, Clear Key, has given me on the course, it takes a lot to get me off how I play. Recognizing “how I should play” is one of the biggest reasons I have been able to drop my average score from 110+ to low 80’s and now into the 70’s. To some people this may not seem that impressive, but for a guy that loves the game but does not get to play that often and practices even less, this is great!”

Warren Dyer
Calgary, Canada

Note from Carey Mumford:
As Ed Sullivan would have said, “Really good shew, there” Warren. Glad to see there is a Driver willing to consistently stick with the clear keys. Glad to see you are on a steady diet of getting better as you go. No doubt you are taking pleasure and enjoyment from the game as never before, too.

Carey (keygolf)