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Two Legends

The year of 1950 was a very special one in the history of Wake Forest University and golf.

Two young men, who would go on to dazzle this world with their brilliance, grace and charisma would excel that year. Parallels in a universe connected in ways that we are not meant to understand but in which we should just….marvel.

One of these young men was the Captain of the Wake Forest Golf Team and the other the Captain of the Tennis Team. One of whom would become famous the world over while the other would dedicate himself first as a Clergyman, and then as a sage.

The captain of the tennis team would spend the first 30 years of his professional life as a Chaplain. In this role he was a friend, healer and spiritual adviser to thousands but it also gave birth to his fascination with, and research of; the human mind.

That fascination would lead to his second career in which he would become one of the founding Fathers of what today has become, an industry. As with all innovators and pioneers, he encourages people to “think outside the box”, to go beyond what “ought to happen” and show people “how” to do something.

He is the author of four books. His work and insights have been featured extensively in books by Michael Hebron, Phil Ritson and John Andrisani.

At one point in his illustrious career, he had faced and educated three out of every four PGA of America, professionals. He has tutored and enlightened hundreds of PGA, LPGA, Champions, Legends, European, Canadian and Nationwide, Tour players.

Despite all of his remarkable achievements, he would tell you that his greatest accomplishments are the love of his life, Jan; their three sons and five grandchildren.

He is my Mentor and my greatest counsel. I am in awe of very few human beings, but he is most certainly one of them.

The name of the Captain of the 1950 Wake Forest Tennis Team?

The one and only: Carey Mumford.

The name of the Captain of the 1950 Wake Forest Golf Team?

The “King”: Arnold Palmer.

Two extraordinary men who for the last 61 years have enriched the fabric of the world in so many sundry ways. Men who are icons in their fields and who have used the stage on which they played, to create “the best of times”. Parallel lives. Living legends.