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Two Champions

It was thrilling. Quite possibly the best theater in a Major Championship, in this century. The legend that is Tiger Woods, will be taken to a new level with this win.

History tends not to remember the runner-up or the vanquished. Let’s hope that in this case, history will celebrate, Rocco Mediate.

Rocco is a throwback. He is a gentleman. He is an anomaly in this modern world because he is an athlete who understands that he is playing a game, for a living, and Rocco is very grateful for that.

Rocco Mediate is a Champion. He may never win a Major Championship but let the history books record that sometimes it is the spirit of a person, which should be honored.

The way that Rocco conducted himself is an example for our children. Rocco Mediate is a role model. He handled “triumph and disaster” with a smile and great dignity. He was courageous in battle and gracious in defeat.

The US Open trophy will have Tiger’s name etched in it, but Rocco Mediate has a place etched in our hearts.