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Top Golf School in the Midwest

Have you ever considered attending a golf school? If so, but you feel limited in your options due to your midwest location, you’re far from being out of luck! The top golf school in the midwest is hosted by yours truly, us at the Bird Golf Academy, and it’s simply one of the best choices for improving your game and getting up close and personal with golf stars and professionals.

Introducing: Minnesota Golf School

This particular Bird Golf coaching regime is held at the exquisite Grand View Lodge Resort & Spa. Complete with full-service luxury lodging, two full golf courses, incredible dining experience, and all taxes included in your golf instruction package, your time spent at this Minnesota Golf School is both educational and relaxing. This golf resort is an award-winning location, and valued as one of the top 10 midwest golf destinations, and the only Minnesota school for golfers that is well-known and valued for its incredible coaching.

During your stay and educational course at the Minnesota Golf School hosted by Bird Golf Academy, you will receive many amazing experiences. In your package, you will get access to professional instructions from the PGA, daily lunch with your assigned pro, unlimited access to both stunning golf courses hosted at the resort, and 30 hours of exclusive coaching. The golf techniques and methods you will learn, packed into your stay, will elevate your ability beyond your wildest dreams. Every student will get an analysis and personalized instruction.

The Benefit Of A Midwest Golf School

Too often, the midwest is ignored when it comes to anything of national importance. Concert dates, seminars, and even educational opportunities are limited in this region of the country. Bird Golf Academy saw this issue, and presents an excellent solution, and remains accessible to everyone interested in their educational value when it comes to the game of golf.

What Is The Bird Golf Academy?

As a Bird Golf student, you have your choice pick from one of the many golf schools all across America held by our company. Arizona, California, and many other states have applicable locations, but Minnesota is the Midwestern pride and joy.

This academy was created by golf star Carey Mumford, and is sustained by many other stars both new and old who have dedicated their skills and knowledge to coaching others in the sport. Through our courses, you will learn not only to improve your game and swing, but to think like a pro. We believe it all starts with that mental preparation.

How To Get Involved

Curious about signing up for one of the Bird Golf classes at the Minnesota Golf School location in the midwest? Our Minnesota school is the best golf academy location in this part of America, and we have many package options available. If you’re ready to get involved and see a massive improvement in your golf game, contact us and set up your luxury vacation at the Grand View Lodge!