Shirley Furlong

LPGA Member

Shirley Furlong

Shirley was an All-American at Texas A&M University in 1983, and after graduating she met with immediate success as a professional. The leading money winner and winner of four events on the Women’s Professional Golf Tour, Shirley joined the LPGA Tour in 1984. Shirley recorded sev-eral Top S finishes in her fifteen year career on Tour which was highlighted with her victory in the 1988 Keystone Open. Shirley was also the runner up in the 1989 McDonald’s Championship and a year later the runner-up in the Nabisco Dinah Shore. A lifelong student of the game, Shir-ley has studied and worked with some of the game’s greatest instructors (Betty Dodd, Chuck Cook and De De Owens). Shirley believes that a good golf swing comes first with good funda-mentals and stresses the importance of having a good “pre-shot routine”. She also believes that teaching her students to manage themselves and the golf course are keys to becoming a successful player. Shirley is passionate about teaching and it shows in her students. Shirley’s upbeat and charming personality will make your golf school with her memorable. Shirley was inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame in 2007.

Teaching Philosophy

“My first priority in meeting a new student is to get to know them and understand how the student learns. Understanding their goals and most importantly their personality are my keys to successfully interacting with each individual student. I believe every aspiring golfer must begin with a good foundation. The “ingredients” to a good golf swing are comprised in the set-up: the grip, stance, posture, alignment and balance. I believe in helping each student create a pre-shot routine. This allows the student to become consistent in the physical and mental preparation needed to produce an efficient golf swing. My job as an instructor is to teach each student their tendencies and to give them the tools necessary to correct their swing. As important as the fundamentals are in the golf swing so is the mental approach to the game. I view the techniques of the golf swing as a necessity, and learning how to play golf as fun. I like to bring awareness to each student’s personality, temperament and desired results on the course. Teaching the student to manage themselves and the golf course is the key to becoming a successful player. ”
25 years

Teaching Experience


1982 & 1983 All-American at Texas A&M University

Member Texas A&M Hall of Fame

Winner – LPGA Tour 1988 Lady Keystone Open

Golf Tour) 1984 with 4 wins Runner up in the 1989

Leading Money Winner on WPGT(Women’s Professional

San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame 2007

McDonald’s Championship


“Fabulous experience. Instructor terrific — lots of good advice, personalized instruction, notes, etc. Would definitely recommend her to others. Did not talk down to me because of my age — much appreciated. My daughter also found her instruction to be extremely helpful.Thanks for a great experience! ”

- Donna -

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