Mary Mills

LPGA Member

Mary Mills

Winner of the 1963 U.S. Open, Mary’s career as a player and teacher is second to none. A member of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, Mary enjoyed 18 years on the LPGA Tour, during which time she won 9 tour events, including three major championships (the LPGA Championship in 1964 and 1973, as well as the U.S. Open). Now an accomplished golf course architect, Mary’s first love remains teaching. A member of the LPGA Teaching Division since 1980, Mary prides herself on working with players of all skill levels. As a student of the game, Mary has studied and worked with some of the game’s legendary teachers: Johnny Revolta, Tommy Armour, Paul Runyan, Bob Toski, and Ángel de la Torre to name a few. Mary’s extensive background allows her to evaluate each student differently and individually – and makes a golf school with Mary a “once in a lifetime experience.”

Teaching Philosophy

I have studied with many great and famous teachers throughout my golf career. They have given me several unique approaches to the golf swing. I believe a teacher must understand the learning style of the student and relate instruction about the swing to their unique learning capabilities. For example, some people relate to feeling, whereas others are comfortable with technical concepts or theory. The Ernest Jones method of “Swing the Clubhead” is my favorite way to teach women and beginners – both men and women. Jones taught his students to duplicate the swinging motion of the club to a swinging jackknife, tied to the end of a string. Teaching the student to feel the heaviness of the clubhead swing has the high handicapper quickly achieving an effortless and repetitive swing while curing their tendency to slice. Low handicappers, including serious juniors and tour players, have already developed a good swinging motion. They are usually ready for a more complex approach to refining their game, such as video analysis, full development of shot-making, course management, and golf psychology for performance enhancement.
42 years

Teaching Experience


LPGA Championship Winner 1964 and 1973

Winner of nine LPGA Tour events

U.S. Open Winner 1963

Master Professional


Mary Mills was the absolute highlight of my experience. She was patient, smart, funny and an amazing teacher. I left inspired to practice and play with a renewed purpose, now that I know how to swing a club! Her instructions are embedded in my memory and since I’ve been back, those memories are alive and there during my practice. Thank you for such a productive experience.

- Amy -

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