Jim Samsing

PGA Member

Jim Samsing

Jim’s career as a golf professional spans 38 years. A competitive player since 1970, and the winner of the 1973 Montbello Open Pro-Am, Jim also recorded top 10 finishes in several state opens. Jim was also the Head Professional at Mission Hills C.C. in the mid 70’s. His teaching philosophy is to keep the swing as simple as possible, developing strong fundamentals and swing skills, and using the brain as the major tool in the development of these skills. He is the foremost expert in the theory of the “Double Connexion”, a mental discipline used on the PGA tour. Jim is a true master and student of the game, who’s style is successful with players of all abilities. Jim is also an accomplished club fitting specialist. We are proud to have Jim as our West Coast Director of Instruction.

Teaching Philosophy

“Keep the game and the swing simple as possible” Jim believes in developing strong fundamentals and swing skills, using the brain as the major tool in the development of those skills. His teaching is built around the “Big Four” 1. Grip 2. Stance &Posture 3. Ball position & 4. Alignment. Jim is a master at keeping learning effortless and straightforward.
49 years

Teaching Experience


Winner 1973 Montebello Open

Elected- Golf Professional of the Year 1989

Member of Executive Board - North Florida Section

2009 Walk of Honor Inductee


As you know I attended a Golf School with one of your competitors – what a difference. The biggest difference was the instructor. Jim (Samsing) is in a class of his own. After leaving the other school I went home trying to remember all the angles and the lines of my terrible posture etc. (very confused) but with Jim I feel that I have a real chance of improving my game. Jim showed me (simply) how to identify why my shots went the direction that they do. Having the opportunity to have your continuing help only a phone call away is another great part of the school. I guarantee you that I will be visiting you again next year and will recommend you to all my buddies. Thanks again.” Warren Dyer Venezuela Update: June 2004 I would have to say that our latest school was the turning point in my game. I shot some great golf in Houston last week and have gained about 15 yards a club. I have also stuck to the yoga stretches that Kelly showed me and they really help. Thanks again for your time and for putting on a third great golf school. Golf School: Arizona

- Warren Dyer -

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