Craig Waryan

PGA Member

Craig Waryan

In an incredibly distinguished career, Craig has earned most every honor that can be bestowed upon a PGA professional. Craig was the Minnesota Section PGA, Teacher of the Year in 2004, twice the Golf Professional of the Year, and four times the recipient of the Bill Strausbaugh award. He has been teaching for 35 years and was only the 87th person to achieve PGA Master professional status. In addition to which, Craig was the Club Fitter of the Year and has appeared on both Golf Digest and Golf magazines’ Top 10 (in Wisconsin and Minnesota) Teachers lists, several times. Craig has topped Golf Digest’s annual list of “Best Teachers By State” for the last 6 consecutive years and was inducted into the Minnesota Golf Hall of Fame in 2014. Craig’s students have won over 30 State Championships, a National title and a National runner-up finish. We are very proud to have Craig as a Senior West Coast instructor and know with certainty, that your golf school with him, will be extraordinary.

Teaching Philosophy

“My ‘team’ approach to teaching is employed to develop players. Student and instructor are partners in attempting to accomplish a common goal. Together as a team, value systems, mode of operation,thought process, and physical abilities or limitations are identified. The student will use me as a resource for feedback to ensure the proper action steps are taken to accomplish the desired goal. “The strategy I use is to start with putting and move to the full swing to build confidence, and to begin to identify possible issues that we may encounter along the way to the full swing. I am able to learn more about the students along the way by viewing their physical skills, eye- hand coordination, etc. To measure progress, the physical laws of nature, ball flight laws, mental keys and biomechanical elements of the golf swing are used as guide posts. “It is not the fault of a combination lock on a safe that it will notopen. Each person has a slightly different combination to unlocktheir potential. We find the answers by asking the proper questionsand by gaining the confidence of the student to give honestanswers (not what they think we would like to hear as instructors).”
50 years

Teaching Experience


PGA Master Professional

PGA National Committee

PGA, Golf Professional of the Year

Member: Employment and Awards

Coached College Golf teams Divisions I, II and III

Coached players to 35+ State

Championships, 3 National and 2 International Championships

26 years cohosting KFAN Tee to Green Radio Program

Instructed at The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps, 30Years

Two-time winner of Minnesota

2004 Minnesota Section PGA, Teacher of the Year


Craig was an outstanding instructor. I had three general areas I wanted to focus on: keeping my driver in the short grass, getting my irons into the air and straight, and improving my putting. Craig met and exceeded my goals. He did so with such ease that any changes needed were made effortlessly.He has great wisdom, professionalism and humor that makes every effort fun. I hope he enjoyed my time with him as much as I enjoyed his time with me. I’m planning on a return and will do so based upon having Craig as my instructor.

- Allen -

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