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Sue Lawless

Sue Lawless retrieves her perfect shot!

Sue Lawless retrieves her perfect shot!

On December 4th another one of our amazing students, Sue Lawless, hit the game’s “Perfect Shot”. She made a hole-in-one at McDowell Mountain Ranch Golf Club, on the 97-yard, 8th hole with a 9 iron. Sue is taught by Bird Golf Academy’s incomparable Shirley Furlong and this is her second hole-in-one. As you can see from the picture, she was dressed for the occasion! Thank you for representing, Sue, and BIG congrats on #2!    

Since Sue started working with Shirley she has cut her handicap almost in half and has gone from a 42 to a 25. We know that she will be lowering that even more in the coming years. Congratulations, Sue, for your success and for all your hard work!