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Pierre Chenard

Hi, Mary.   Thank you so much for your kind words; but the honor was all mine.

As I mentioned when we parted ways on Sunday, I knew before we met on Thursday that you would almost certainly be a gushing fountain of golf knowledge. You certainly didn’t disappoint on that front. ????

However, what I hadn’t realized before meeting you was how genuinely and intensely passionate you are at imparting your knowledge to your students and doing everything in your power to build my confidence and help make my golf game all that it can be. Yours is a quiet and discreet intensity; but as a student, I definitely felt it and found it hugely motivating.

Finally, I found our non-golf conversations most enjoyable as well. You know a lot about a lot of things and have a great perspective on the world at large that I very much enjoyed hearing.

In short, you’re an amazing lady, and I’m delighted to have had the chance to work with you, learn from you and generally hang out with you last week. I’ll shortly start working to convince Nathalie to consider spending some time with you, perhaps this coming fall. ???? I’m sure she will also be pleased to share her perspectives on Coronavirus with you as you build up to your trip to Arizona in a few weeks.

Warmest regards,

Pierre Chenard
Candiac, Canada

Golf School: Florida