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Nancy Rice

I wanted to write you a note expressing my pleasure with my recent experience at the Bird Golf Academy, Wild Horse Pass Resort and spa. Although I’m not a great golfer, I love the sport, so nothing could be better than spending 4 consecutive days immersed in golf. My teacher, Shirley Furlong, not only is a wonderful teacher but she clearly shares my passion for the game; we could not have been a better pairing.

Shirley was full of good humor, very good natured, and had an infectious enthusiasm for all aspects of the game, even sand shots. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of golf and the patience and willingness to communicate her knowledge as many times and in as many ways as necessary for me to understand and improve. I particularly enjoyed the time spent actually playing the course, with Shirley giving me immediate and perceptive feedback on each shot.

I experienced many emotions during my time at Bird Golf: pleasure at a good shot, anguish over bad shots, frustration, and elation. Sometimes I was concentrating intensely; sometimes my brain felt like mush. I might even have gotten better. Most of all, however, I had fun and laughed more than I have in years. Now that’s a good golf school!

Nancy Rice
Denver, Colorado

Golf School: Arizona