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Jim Nuzzi

“During our 5 days together you  taught me the key elements of the golf swing and given me the confidence to begin enjoying being on the course.  For this I was always be grateful to you and in your debt.

I went out on Friday morning after you left and got a fast 9 holes in at the Senator course since they had a tournament beginning at noon and no one else was playing. I felt great and even though I didn’t hit consistently, I really knew how to get back in there and adjust when I missed one.  That was terrific feeling

The following day I played another course in Miami with my friend who I knew would be one of the 10 percent hoping I didn’t improve and he could still win the match

Well thanks to our work together I was 4 up after 9 holes and though he won holes 10 and 11 before we quit to see the Ranger hockey game, there was no question that my game had improved big time”.

Jim Nuzzi
San Diego, CA

Golf School: Florida