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James Walker

My 5 day course was fabulous (I am English, I don’t exaggerate). My first encounter with my sensei for the next 5 days, Jay Ewing. A charming, witty and very personable man who I instantly knew I would get along well with.

Intertwined with some superb tales [sometimes of the unexpected] and some incredible golf shots from Jay, he crafted my golf game and started introducing me to the “era of the triangle”.

Over the next few days, essentially, Pythagoras became my demigod, my swing was ingrained and I walked away with more distance, more consistency, more understanding of the oxymoron’s that seem to exist in the swing and the ability to feel and correct to, if necessary, a good swing.

My “misses” [i.e. the not pure shots] were as good as my original “peached” shots and my 7 handicap began to feel generous.

All aspects of the game were explained with clarity and I left knowing that I will enjoy the game so much more and with the knowledge that can improve my game enormously.

So, I hear you say, not a bad comment so far…. nope… and there won’t be. The place is astonishing, the courses testing and varied, the coaching superb.

James Walker
Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Golf School: Arizona