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Debi Vandall

“Jay, I can’t thank you enough for all that your Academy has done for me. I am very impressed with your format and Amy Benz is the BEST…. I have a friend for life and the best golf coach for life. This was on my bucket list and I have to say that this has been money well spent especially in the environment we’re in right now.

I look forward to becoming a repeat customer and having Amy tune up my game. She is so humble and so easy to work with that when you have to take constructive criticism and make changes, it’s very easy to do. Her attitude is not about her, it’s about what you have and what she can bring out of you as an athlete and golfer which is very refreshing. I know a lot of people that have gone to golf schools and they walked away with the impression that it was more about the instructor than the student. I couldn’t ever see a situation where Amy would have that attitude, that’s not who she is and not her end goal which is a great reflection of you and Bird Academy.

This experience is going to make me a better golfer but more importantly, it has shown me some things about myself that I have lost touch with. Now I have a better understanding of who I am and what I’m capable of going forward. That’s something I didn’t expect but I’m very appreciative to have reconnected with through my 3 days with Amy.

Thank you again.”

Debi Vandall
Yardley, PA.

Golf School: Florida

EDITOR’S NOTE In the video you will see the “new” Debi in the top video. As you can see, the changes that Debi made are game changing. Debi was already a good player, a 9 handicap, but with her new moves we are certain that she will be doing some pretty amazing things on the course. It is not easy for a good player to make changes like this, so HUGE KUDOS to Debi and her marvelous teacher, Amy!