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Reshmi Amarnath

We are pleased to report another great success story from one of our superb students; Reshmi Amarnath.

Reshmi had played golf, off and on, for 6 years, without much improvement. Reshmi is a very successful business person, so having the time to play was one reason for that. Another was that until the first week of August, 2009, she had not met Mary Mills (Mary is Bird Golf’s, East Coast Director of Instruction).

Reshmi came to Bird Golf at our East Coast flagship golf school site, the Diplomat Golf Resort and Spa during that first week of August and was taught by the incomparable, Mary Mills (Mary, won a US Open and two LPGA Championships in her playing career has been teaching for 20+ years with the same skill and passion that she played). Reshmi’s goal was to become more comfortable playing the game (her daily playing lesson with Mary helped her confidence and on-course skills tremendously). Reshmi’s best score for 9 holes up until this time was a 65 (and as Reshmi would tell you, there may have been a ‘mulligan’ or two in there).

Reshmi is a gifted student who meticulously incorporated what Mary asked her to do. This is an excerpt from an e-mail we just received form Reshmi: “Thank you Mary, and I am so glad you made me write all those notes; I keep reading them and they are so useful! I also went out and played 9 holes a few times and am really pleased with the progress! I shot 46 on 9 holes last week (without any cheating 🙂 and am really excited!”

In six weeks, Reshmi has gone from shooting 65+ for 9 holes, to 46. That is remarkable. Keep up the great work, Reshmi, because we rather imagine that your golf journey has only just begun!