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Required Reading

There are enough golf books and books on golf to make a library. We would advise you to stay away from instructional books (not that the authors don’t know what they are talking about but the fact that they can’t see you, and why you do what you do, makes reading them; harmful to your golf swing!). We would like to create the Bird Golf Library. The library will be composed of your favorites.

Please tell us what your favorite golf themed (and they don’t have to be strictly about golf) books are:

To get things started, I would offer you my all-time favorite; ‘Golf in the Kingdom’. Written by Michael Murphy the book is about a young American student on his way to study in India. Being a keen golfer, he encorporates a trip to Scotland along the way. Whilst in Scotland he meets up with a mystical Scottish professional, Shivas Irons. Shivas, is part professional, part Physcologist and lives in a cave under St. Andrews. He also hits feathery balls and plays at midnight…..and as my Grandmother would have told you; “he lives with the little people”!. A must read.