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PGA Member Joins Medford’s Affluent Magazine Writing Team

May, 2007
D.W. Allen, Editor-In-Chief, Affluent
Phone: 541-772-2440

Jay Ewing, Bird Golf Academy
Phone: 877-424-7346
Web site: www.birdgolf.com

MEDFORD, Oregon – Jay Ewing, PGA member and founder of Bird Golf Academy in Avondale, Arizona, has joined the writing team of southern Oregon-based Affluent magazine. Starting with the July/August 2007 issue, Ewing will become the Senior Golf Editor and write what he calls “Out of the Box” golf-related articles that will inspire, amuse and educate readers.

“I’m one of the lucky people who get to do what they love doing,” Ewing says, referring to playing golf and seizing the opportunity to write about the sport that has earned him some coveted titles. His latest win happened in 1998 at the World Pro Am at Pebble Beach. A year after that victory, Ewing opened Bird Golf Academy to ensure that his personal golfing philosophy would reach a global student population.

To date, Ewing and his 17 LPGA- and PGA-member staff have provided professional golf instruction to students from every state of the nation and in 43 countries around the world. As he originally planned, Ewing is fulfilling his vision to provide students with the “Ultimate Golf Learning Experience®.”

While golf is at the center of Ewing.s work and play, he is no stranger to the luxury lifestyle. He admits to growing up with a silver spoon, to being educated with members of the British royal family, and having such a strong connection to author James Michener, he called him Uncle Jimmy. “I was 12 years old before I realized Uncle Jimmy was a famous writer,” Ewing says. “We were close so he spent a lot of time teaching me about writing. I like to think that I learned something from him.”

Ewing is an author of two books and writes for both trade and mainstream publications. For Affluent, the golf pro says he will go off the beaten track of standard golf stories to give readers a fresh perspective on the sport and related subjects. An article Ewing is considering for Affluent is ‘Golf Fashion’ which he calls an oxymoron. “I have newspaper articles with photos of myself in the early ’80s. I was particularly garish then, but in those days, golf fashion was generally disgraceful,” he says. “It’s gotten better, but even today’s golfers tend to not be stylish. I’d like to help change that if I can… or at least write about it.”

The addition of Ewing to the Affluent writing staff comes on the heels of Editor-In-Chief D.W. Allen.s announcement that Stefanie Michaels, also known as Adventure Girl, would be joining the magazine as its Senior Travel Writer. According to Allen, the magazine is partnering with niche writers around the country to provide readers with an increased level of enjoyment and to gain credibility as a national publication. “We are in our third year as a company and have worked hard to establish a foundation of excellence,” he says. “At this point, we are moving into our next phase of publishing.”

Affluent serves a well-cultured population that desires relevant information to enhance their luxury lifestyle. Though the magazine is based in Southern Oregon, it has an international scope, with feature stories that highlight things to do, places to see and products that improve the way of life for the financially fit.

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