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We have been profoundly touched by the recent devastation and series of catastrophes in Japan. We have had many wonderful students over the years from Japan and have become friends with a great many of these wonderful people. Two of those very special people are Hiroko and Isamu. Hiroko’s daughter, Miki, works for the Senator from Miyagi, where the damages have been horrific. There are 10.000 people confirmed dead, thousands still missing and over 150,000 people living in shelters.

A contact window and bank account has been set up for donations. Your donation goes directly to the office of the Governor of Miyagi prefecture and will be distributed properly.

There are two different types of donation you can make, and you will have to specify which one you would like to support.

1.      Contribution to support the daily lives of the people who had lost their houses.
2.      Donation for the resources to restore and reconstruct towns.

Bank account information:

The name of the bank:  The 77 Bank, Ltd.
Branch:  Kencho Branch
Swift code:  BOSSJPJT
Account #:  206-5515581
Account Name:  Miyagi-ken Saigai Taisaku Honbu
Address:  3-chome 8-1
Honcho, Aoba-ku
Miyagi-ken, Tohoku
JAPAN (This address is for both Miyagi Prefectural office and the bank)

Purpose for donation:  Relief Donation (or Saigai Gienkin)

Bird Golf Academy has already made the first donation (our Bank wired the funds very easily); on behalf of Hiroko and Isamu

We would beseech all of you who are able, to please also do so. To all, of the Nation of Japan; know that you remain foremost in our thoughts and prayers.