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Mike Bannon

This comes to us from Mike Bannon

He did a golf school (with his Dad), at our incredible Las Vegas golf school site; The Paiute Golf Resort. Mike was taught by Bird Golf Senior West Coast instructor, Craig Waryan. Mike had played golf for 5 years before we had the opportunity to work with him and had been struggling to realize his potential.

“The school was really amazing and I will be sure to recommend Bird Golf Academy to anyone looking to improve their game while having a blast doing so. My dad even told me he has been to other schools in the past, and the teaching of Craig, the courses themselves, and the professionalism and efficiency with which your golf school operates is leaps and bounds above others. Thanks again for a phenomenal experience and hopefully I can look forward to attending your school again in the future.

Even 50 mph winds and a near miss of a career-high score on day 2, could damper the fun, and perhaps more personally enjoyable, the surprise at really learning just how difficult, yet at the same time how easy this game can be. Half the reason I chose Vegas was because I am 26, and c’mon it’s Vegas. After the first day of the academy however I found myself like a Christmas nine year old battling his chimney in a staring contest waiting for Santa, because each Golfing, not Gambling-morning, could not come fast enough. I knew going into the trip I would enjoy myself, however your teaching methods, patience, knowledge, and ability to listen to bad jokes (hmmm, Dad) for five days straight, helped make this one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

Indiana is having warm weather they have not had in years this late in November, so I have been able to play four times since I’ve been home. As we discussed, my old average on my home course of Pebblebrook, was on an average day high to mid nineties, and on a good day low nineties to high eighties. My first two rounds post-Bird Golf Academy, I played with a better friend than he is a golfer, and even though he played slow and shot over 100 on both courses during our 36 hole round, I shot an 88 and 87 and that’s with hitting all my chips terribly. The next round I shot an 84 and filled out the score card in detail as you had showed us, and noticed that my snap-hook left drive was prominent on eight or nine different holes. However since a little chipping practice immediately after my previous two rounds showed a bent instead of straight elbow the old wedge bailed me out of most situations (lot easier without OB cacti everywhere:)

Finally I played last Monday morning, and shot a career-low 78 on a par 70 course. I did the figure eight drill on almost every hole and focused on keeping my elbow and hand pushing forward instead of across my body which translated literally to every club in my bag. I played my first ever round double-bogey free, and shot almost fifty/fifty bogeys to pars. 18 was my only three put and when I finished the round I added my score three times because I was sure it was my math skills that were eluding me. So hence the title of the email, think the golf school helped? Since you have taught so much more than just the physical entities of the game, but also the mental puzzle that truly drives this sport, I have never enjoyed it more. I’m sure the next couple rounds will be in the nineties since the game must balance my ego after four hot rounds, but you said always enjoy the good ones right, just thought I would share. Thanks again for a truly unforgettable five days, and be sure to stay in touch.”

Mike achieved this new milestone just 3 weeks after his school with Craig, but we are certain that this is only the first of what will be many new wonderful golf accomplishments for him.