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Jess Crawford

New Milestones

The 3 days I spent with Mary (Mills) at Mission Inn in Florida were amazing. The whole format–straight up lessons in the morning, lunch with Mary, and playing in the afternoon–was perfect. Mary was just about the best instructor I could have imagined! The perfect combination of patience and persistence.

And, as the subject line indicates, I hit a new milestone in my playing: I shot an 85 this weekend. It was the first time I’ve broken 90 and I absolutely could NOT have done it without Mary and Bird Golf Academy. Key to this was the fact that Mary unlocked the secret of pitching and chipping for me. Shots I used to fear (basically anything 100 yards and in or sand) are now my favorites! Amazingly enough, sometimes I even aim for a “friendly” green side bunker on tee shots.

Bird Golf Academy not only gave me the technical tools I needed to improve my game, it gave me the confidence I now bring to the course every time I play. So, thank you Mary Mills and thank you Bird Golf Academy. Sincerely,

This is a great accomplishment in a very short time so CONGRATULATIONS! Jess. It is rare that a barrier (like breaking 100 or in this case 90) is done so easily (Jess did it by 5 shots); so keep up the fantastic work!