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We are thrilled to report on the incredible success of another one of our students. Yvette Jonsson has been a golfer all of her life, but her handicap (which had once been a 10) had climbed to a 17. We first had the chance to see Yvette last summer at Hiddenbrooke GC (home of our Napa golf schools) where she and her son Erik (who in his own right is a very talented golfer), spent three days learning from our West Coast Director of Instruction, Jim Samsing.

In the months following her school with Jim, Yvette diligently practiced what she learned and her handicap came down to an 11 by the end of the year! Yvette won the “Most Improved Golfer” award at her Club-which rarely goes to a good player like Yvette (is usually won by higher handicapped players who have dropped 10+ stokes etc.), and this year she continue to improve still, as witnessed by her own words:

“I have been playing with so much more confidence! Ten days ago I played a four ball invitational at Green Hills in Milbrae. Although my foursome had players with 27′, 29 & 32 handicaps, we won low gross!! I lost one match in my team play which is match play, best ball . I shot an 84 but the women we played against shot a 78 & 79! There was no way we could beat them. It was fun to watch and we only lost by 2 points, we halved all but two holes”.

Congratulations, Yvette, on your wonderful accomplishments; although we are certain, that your handicap will be in the single digits soon!

Keep up the great work, Yvette!