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Is Yoga Beneficial To Golf?

Believe it or not, doing yoga is extremely popular in the golfing world! Yoga can help naturally improve flexibility and general mobility, so it is considered the most useful and important exercise that a golfer can practice. You determine your speed in golf with the ability to accelerate in a controlled manner and yoga helps to balance those out in the healthiest and most relaxing way possible.

Of course, only doing yoga once or twice won’t turn you into the next Tiger Woods; you have to do it regularly for it to truly help you with your golf game. No matter your age or flexibility, or even skill level; you can use yoga for golf to either restore, maintain or improve your functional movement patterns, so you can achieve optimal golfing performance.

Yoga Improves Flexibility

While most people assume that yoga is solely to improve flexibility, you can use yoga conditioning for golf to improve your overall muscular strength, muscular endurance, your functional flexibility and mobility, balance, stability, body composition and cardiovascular endurance; plus your mood will be enhanced by a significant amount!

Yoga Helps Your Muscles & Joints Used In Golfing

No matter how tense or tight your muscles may be, yoga can absolutely benefit you! A lot of people will say that they can’t do yoga because their muscles are too tight, but those are the main folks who should try it out! You can successfully stretch your muscles at a slow and steady pace, preventing any strain on them. The more time and energy you use towards the disciplinary factors of yoga, the quicker you’ll improve! It just takes a little bit of time and patience and tenacity, and you can finally experience flexibility you never thought possible!

Another benefit to reap from yoga that can also apply to your golfing hobby would be the fact that age has practically nothing to do with whether or not you can do yoga! As a matter of fact, the golf ball has no clue how old you are, it only obeys laws of physics and dynamic energy. You can tackle both yoga and golf, whether you’re 25 or 85!

If you haven’t learned anything here today, you can certainly take away the knowledge that yoga for golf is an excellent idea, no matter your age, level of expertise, or flexibility! You can not only benefit from yoga for your golf game, but you can improve your overall well-being and health by including a regular yoga routine in your everyday life. The more dedicated you are to yoga, the quicker you’ll notice a difference! Just search around on YouTube for different instructional videos on which yoga exercises would be ideal for a beginner, and which are specifically best for improving your golf game. You might be surprised with how many suggestions you are met with!

The Takeaway

To ultimately answer the question, “is yoga beneficial to golf?”… yes, absolutely! Yoga isn’t some easy exercise for bored housewives; it’s suited for anyone and everyone who is interested in bettering their health and flexibility. Don’t knock it until you try it!