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I Kim, I Saw, I Conquered

Anthony Kim won his second PGA Tour event at Congressional over the weekend

His second victory in his last 6 starts. Three shots behind at the beginning of the fourth round, Kim played nearly flawless golf and shot a 65 to win the tournament by two stokes.

We hesitate to say, “we told you so” but we ….we did. Anthony Kim is the real deal and at 23 he is one of the few players that may actually be able to challenge Tiger.

There is a fine line between an abundance of talent and actually having that talent come to fruition. In golf, it is mostly a case of what goes on between the ears. Kind of like the guy on the range who hits balls flawlessly when practicing but then can’t break 90 on the course.

Great players are players who win. The PGA Tour is filled with golfers who play great, but are not great players. To win, there must be no fear of losing. There must be an acceptance of all the attention that comes with winning (more TV cameras following you, bigger galleries, higher public expectation, etc.) tournaments.

To aspire to that greatness in today’s game, a player has to really want it. Anthony Kim seems to be just that person. He is brash, flamboyant, and most importantly, supremely talented.

Anthony Kim is 23 years old and this was just his second win. It may be unfair to raise the bar and expect so much from him but it would seem that he is ready to embrace all of the trappings that come with, great expectations.