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Helpful hints to improve your golf game

When you take up the peaceful sport of golfing, you may enter with the mindset that it’s incredibly easy; which is far from the truth! Golfing is both relaxing as well as challenging; don’t fret, though! No one is an expert when they first start out. You can follow some of these helpful hints to find out how to immensely make a difference in your golfing skills!

1. Experiment with your swing

Every time you practice, you should experiment different ways you can improve your swing. Most of the common golfing tips and courses don’t prepare you for when your ball gets stuck behind a tree or on a steep sidehill. You’ll want to incorporate these theoretical situations into your practices so you can be ready for anything!

2. Get into a rhythm or routine

A lot of professional golf players have a specific routine that they stick to during their rounds. Having some sort of structure or repetitive ritual can be beneficial to your game. Some golfers may walk at the same pace or do the same thing before each shot to ensure they stay within their routine. You can try and find one that suits you best!

3. Control breathing

Irregular breathing or just being nervous can really affect your swing or your golf game as a whole. If you can learn to control your breathing, and even breathe through your shot, you can improve the accuracy of your shot a small percentage! This won’t make you an immediate expert, of course; as this is a minor change, but it can definitely help!

4. Set goals for yourself

Start out small with your expectations of yourself. Take things one step at a time rather than trying to rush your progress. You can build up from there, doing a little more each time your practice! You’ll notice a difference in a week or two for sure.

5. Be honest

Let’s face it– you won’t become a pro overnight, so you need to realize that before you even pick up a club! You can learn at a consistent pace if you just apply yourself and get it through your head that things like this take time!

6. Forget the golfing myths

You’ve probably heard all kinds of myths when it comes to the golfing world, and they’re almost all completely untrue. Keeping your head down simply does not affect your swing or your shot; many professional golf players have been known to have their head held upward just before or during a swing, and they still made some amazing shots! If you hear anything of the sort just push it out of your mind.

7. Take classes!

There is absolutely no shame in taking some sort of lessons to improve your golf game. The Bird Golf Academy is a top notch training course that you can try out in order to get your swing straighter and more accurate, so you can get out on that green and play your heart out!