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Golf Technology to Improve Your Game

As always, one of the most reliable and effective ways to improve your golf game is by working with an experienced coach, preferably a PGA or LPGA professional. The pros have the necessary experience to isolate areas in which your game could be improved and to tweak your performance to achieve results. Spending time with a professional can also help you master the art of thinking like a pro, a vital ingredient to improved golf performance.

But what can a professional offer besides the benefit of experience? One of the most important things to ask your potential coach about is their use of golf technology. Modern tech has revolutionized golfers’ approach to improving their bag and swing, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of what’s out there. What follow are a few of the technological devices and enhancements that can help take your game to the next level.

GPS Device or Laser Rangefinder

What’s the difference between these two pieces of golf technology? Put simply, the laser rangefinder is more accurate than the GPS device (commonly available in watch form), but the GPS is faster and easier to use. Which one you prefer is up to you. Both devices track yardages throughout your game and even record details of play so you can analyze your performance later from the comfort of home. Rather than rely on yardages posted on stakes on the course itself, which are approximate at best, you can now count on exact yardages every time you step up to the tee. This is a huge benefit to your game, of course, because it allows you to make more informed decisions when selecting a club with which to tee off.

The Zepp Chip

The Zepp Chip pairs with an app to analyze and provide feedback on your swing. Athletes in many sports have found success and improved their game with this technology. Simply attach the chip to your glove and swing away—the app will give you a breakdown of your performance, allow you to review your swing from all angles, and provide detailed feedback as to how you can improve your game.

The R1 Driver

Having the right clubs makes all the difference, and the R1 Driver conforms itself to your specific needs. The adjustable face of the club has a four degree range left to right, allowing golfers to achieve new angles with their drive. It also offers four degrees in loft adjustability, compensating for the fact that 80% of golfers use the wrong loft. With this club in your set, you’ll be prepared for any conditions.

The SwingTIP Sensor

This sensor clips to the shaft of your club, analyzes your swing, and offers a video recording feature and 3D analysis when paired with the accompanying phone app. You can review your swings and highlight trends in your game that are causing you to go wrong. The app also offers instructor-style analysis of your golf swing, giving you pointers on exactly where you should focus to make improvements to your game.

Technology is always changing, and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the latest tech on the market. Take your golf game to the next level with the help of any or all of these innovations, and you’ll be amazed at the results!