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Golf in the Olympics

There is at the moment, a great debate about Golf being introduced as an Olympic sport.

We love golf but it should not be an Olympic sport.

The Olympics should be about sporting events that have evolved from the ancient Greeks and the events that they participated in. It should also be about amateur athletes; which of course, has become a thing of the past.

The Olympic Games have always been the platform to watch sports that we do not ordinarily watch. It is the arena in which we can see athletes represent their countries for the sheer joy of competition and the pride that goes with that participation.

The Olympics are a celebration of human achievement and endeavor.

It is not about grossly overpaid, basketball players. Or for that matter, professional golfers. The games should be just that, games; not business.

You can watch any number of golf events on any given week. Tournaments and Tours abound around the world and those are the respective stages that the sport should be performed on.

It should be about Nadia Comaneci, not LeBron James. Michael Phelps not Tiger Woods.

When else does the average person watch swimming? Or rowing, or track and field or marathon running? The answer is for most people, once every four years.

If we want to see the best basketball players play, we watch the NBA. If we want to see the best tennis players, we watch Wimbledon. Mainstream sports have all of their respective avenues to thrill us. Let the Olympic Games have their moment, and allow it to be what it is supposed to be.