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Come meet our LPGA and PGA instructors

At a golf academy, you can have the opportunity to be trained and coached by some of the best members and professionals out there. With their exclusive, valuable insight and lessons, you can see a major improvement in your golf technique, and up your game immensely.

Knowing who your instructors will be is a big part of the excitement and the decision making process. You’ll need to Meet the LPGA and PGA Golf Instructors The Bird Golf Academy has on staff!

What Is PGA?

The PGA stands for professional golf association. When you see this with an L, it means the ladies division of this sport. These pros in the LPGA and PGA are the best experts in golfing you can find, and they have years of experience under their belts, and have competed in PGA tours in their career.

Now, they enjoy spreading their expertise and tips and tricks with those equally enthusiastic about the sport. The Bird Golf Academy has several pros who help lead, instruct, and tutor members at the gorgeous golf resorts.

Meeting The Instructors

Out of the 14 different professional instructors affiliated with The Bird Golf Academy, many have won tournaments and built up quite a fortunate reputation for themselves. With their diverse backgrounds and experience in other professional fields, you can find the best instructor suited to your needs by learning about them, their interests, and what sort of personality they have.


Bird Golf Academy has 5 amazing, intelligent female instructors on staff at the various resort locations.

  • Sharon Miller, Western Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Sharron Moran, LPGA 1967 Rookie of the Year
  • Mary Mills, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame
  • Amy Benz, AIAW National Championship winner
  • Shirley Furlong, San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame

In The PGA

Additionally, there are 9 male instructors at the Bird Golf Academy, with equally impressive backgrounds and histories with the sport and teaching.

  • Jay Ewing, Bird Golf Academy Founder & CEO
  • Jim Samsing, 1973 Montbello Open Pro-Am winner
  • Tim Peightal, Bird Golf Academy’s Head Professional (East Coast)
  • Craig Waryan, 4 time recipient of the Bill Strausbaugh award
  • Lee Maiden, Founder of the Colorado Junior Golf Association
  • Jim Terry, TV host for “Rub of the Green
  • Dick Walters, 2009 Minnesota Section PGA Professional of the Year
  • Mike Passmore, Bird Golf Academy’s Senior Instructor (West Coast)
  • Tom Sims, California Director of Instruction for Bird Golf Academy

Their Importance

Getting out on the green with an instructor is only the brief, first step in successfully experiencing a golfing course. Having a professional coach to help you is one thing, but choosing the best instructor for you is what will take your game and amplify it the most. By learning about Bird Golf Academy’s several pros, you can decide who to entrust your time and effort into. The instructors at Bird Golf Academy are what make the many resorts such a great place to experience, both for the valuable lessons you will learn and the enjoyment that your stay will bring.