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Bird Principle

The Bird Principle

Golf is a simple game that over the years has been complicated by teachers who over-analyzed their students and players who ‘over-think’… themselves. If you have played for a few years, you probably find yourself reaching into your mental archives and using between 5-20 ‘swing thoughts’ during a round. Yet, during that one great round you played last year, you don’t seem to remember thinking very much at all. This was not a coincidence.

The game can be broken down into two categories.

  • Physical Mechanics (swing)
  • Trust & automation (mental)

“The Swing”

Golf is a game of “pre-motion”. 90% of the golf swing is the three fundamentals:

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Posture

The tighter you hold the golf club, the less swing speed you create. The less swing speed there is – the less distance the ball will travel. The more you grip the club with your hands (small muscles/tendons) – the less you swing with your body. Think of your body (shoulder/torso) as the BIG MUSCLES. By allowing these BIG MUSCLES to swing the club you create not only tempo but swing speed. Mastering these keys then becomes a matter of practice as you are introduced to the “32 Ball” exercise. This exercise will bridge the gap between conscious and subconscious, where all habit resides. You have arrived at the core of the game’s learning (SWING) and you will see the results immediately.

“The Mental”

Once your “keys” have become habit, you can embark on the mental learning stage. Based on the principles of “The Double Connexion” (Carey G. Mumford), using the “32 Ball” exercise you will begin to implement the “Clear Key” Process. Learn to swing the club on “automatic” and NEVER THINK AGAIN!

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